Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Red Camellias

 Our red Camellia bush was planted in
our garden, over ten years ago......
yet,  it stands
no taller than five feet. I've 
contributed this to the sandy
Florida soil and perhaps
hot climate and salty
Gulf breezes.  I am, however
thankful for the beautiful
Camellia bush, that year after
year provides beautiful blooms
for our enjoyment.
The buds begin making their
appearance in November and
by this time of year the buds
are quite large ........ 
as seen here.

These are the various stages of the
blooming process.

The bloom, in itself, is quite lovely.

And then....."perfection."

Flowers refresh and restore the spirit,
while creating something quite magical in a garden.
I'm glad you stopped by, and please
have a sweet ole' weekend......Dee Dee
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