Friday, January 4, 2013

A Closer Look At Nature

With the sea fog blanketing the island,
our eyes were drawn to images closer
to us....things we normally pay little
or no attention to.

In what appeared to be a jumble
of briars, dead branches and 
crawling vines, we found something
interesting, lovely and perhaps 
newly grown. Attached to the 
small branches, was 
"lichen" and we wondered it should
look so alive and healthy  in it's 
wintry  dead surroundings.
A closer look found it
resembled lace, having
feminine qualities.....
Rust colored, tiny vines were
intertwined with the lichen, and 
small green berries seemed there as
a natural embellishment.
Why had we never noticed before,
the formation of a pine cone?
The fog could not cover completely
the color red stretched across
a pine tree limb. I zoomed in close
enough to discover a vine attached
to the tree.

"I wonder, as I wonder, out under the fog......"
I'm glad you stopped by......Dee Dee
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