Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Ahooey" "Gawsh"

The aroma of my Eight O'Clock coffee,
familiar and delicious, worked it's magic
this morning.  My first waking thoughts of the
day, were prompted by the character,
Walt Disney's "Goofy" ....on my coffee mug.

There was no mistaking Goofy's
unforgettable laugh.
My generation grew up on all that was
good, wholesome and magical about
Disney.  A favorite of mine, was
 this lovable guy ....Goofy had a sweet ole' heart 
and a determination to try dancing, swimming
and all kinds of sports. Not so good at any,
he laughed in spite of himself and so did we.

"Gawsh"....."Ahooey"....Dee Dee