Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Pansies

My porch table has small
pots of spring flowers spread 
about....  I'm waiting for the
cool spell that is upon us, 
to pass ......and then 
I'll begin the spring ritual of
flower pot planting.

I've  selected plants with lots of 
buds....promising sweet Pansy faces.

Various shades of purples along
with yellow will surround a
nice variegated Croton.

In this photo, you can see 
how I've placed the potted Pansies
around the me a
visual of how they will look together once
planted in a large pot.

I found one or two spent Pancy
flowers....having "given up the ghost"

.....I couldn't resist a lasting image,
as it faded away.

I'm so enjoying all that is spring.....
Have a blessed day!  Dee Dee
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