Saturday, March 9, 2013

Planting Day

 Donned with my well-worn 
gardening gloves, I was ready
to get into the dirt!
The pot, already
prepared with potting soil and
peat moss, the planting would be 
easy today.
  The morning was made-to-order
for working in the garden. 
There was a coolness
to the air and just the right amount
of warming from the sun.
The happy faces of the Pansies
were staring up at me,
and I smiled right back at them.....
"You are welcomed here, little flowers."

Down to every detail, all went 
as expected.   The plants and colors
I had selected looked absolutely
perfect together.

The yellow and green Croton,
blending nicely
with the other tropical plants
in the garden, seemed to be
showing off.....just a little.

I could understand why it might......

Every little effort given to the garden,
somehow makes such a difference. 
One single pot of newly planted flowers,
got all of our attention today.

Blessings..... Dee Dee
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