Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Yellow In The Garden

I've been visiting flower nurseries
this week, looking for climbing roses.
Thus far, I've been disappointed
in what I see and my search continues.
However, in my travels, I found a 
beautiful yellow Hibiscus plant.
It looks real nice in a large terracotta
 pot on wheels and I like that I can
easily transport it to other areas
of the garden.

We're still having cooler weather,
perfect for gardening.  All planting must
be completed before the summer heat
sneaks up on us.

I love how the yellow blends with 
the greens and yellows already 
in the garden......

Hibiscus will bloom all summer long.....

I have several other Hibiscus 
scattered about the garden....
 pink, red and tangerine colors....

Yellow is my spring choice
of color. Have you noticed?

I hope to fertilize all the flowering plants
and treat with a systemic to ward off pest,
on the weekend.  Hibiscus are loved by
a variety of critters.....aphids are more
common than others in my garden.

I'm glad you stopped by!

Sweet blessings for all....Dee Dee