Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Thoughts

Nothing could be finer than hanging the laundry in warm
March winds.....especially lovely wind coming from
across the Gulf Of Mexico.

Oh glorious spring, how we all welcome you.
  I for one feel my spirit rejuvenated ......It is 
Easter time,  and the flowers are blooming....

....and what child is not looking for
bunny burrows in the garden. 
 My grandchildren
 have found a bunny family 
beneath the hedges,
 in their garden. 
They scatter about small carrots,
hoping to entice them to come
above ground.
Early morning brings 
 brown bunnies scampering
about dew covered grasses.....

I wonder if they look for
the "White Rabbit".....
from Alice In Wonderland?
Perhaps....... I remember doing so
as a child, did you?

Have a blessed spring day, everyone.  Dee Dee