Thursday, March 28, 2013

Healing Powers Of Chocolate

Chocolate is always a good idea,
but it was especially good today.  The 
"man of the house" needing a 
bit of cheering up...... I thought
of his "sweet tooth" and love 
for chocolate.

I had stopped at the drug store
to pick up prescriptions, and of
course the Easter candy aisle 
was doing a booming business. 
I knew the chocolate/pretzel bunny
would have more healing powers
than any of the prescribed medicines.

 I held it behind
my back, and leaned over to kiss
his fevered forehead. "I brought you
something."  Nothing could have 
made my heart any happier than 
 the smile on his weary face.
The chocolate had healing power
for him.....and for me too.

Have a blessed day.  Dee Dee