Friday, March 15, 2013

A Cold Spring Snap

Nothing is finer than a shabby
white picket fence draped in
glorious fuchsia colored Bougainvillea.....
And, nothing is finer than walking
by that fence with a camera in my hand.

The skies were overcast with the 
promise of rain on this day and the wind had 
more than a chill about it. We were having
a cold spring snap!

I minded little the weather conditions,
thinking this place is my bit of heaven,
and how could anything else possibly
stimulate my senses in such a way
all at the same time.

The wind, blowing in random gusts
created white foamy caps on the choppy 
Gulf of Mexico waters.
 I noticed a familiar salt water fragrance and
in the trees overhead I heard palm fronds
whipping and slapping one another, as if
having some great dispute.

Spring awaiting summer.......

Have a beautiful spring day, everyone.  Dee Dee