Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bird Watching

Come spring, I, quite naturally,
begin looking for migrating birds.  In the 
Carolina's, where I grew up, that
would be Robins, Blue Birds,
Cardinals, Orioles and numerous
In Weaver Park today,
we saw only one kind of bird.....  
"White Ibis."

They're quirky looking, but I
love watching and taking
photos of them. 

Seldom do we see a lone Ibis,
for they flock together.
With heads bobbing up and 
down, they are in continual motion.

Gotta love that face, and
those little "beady eyes."

The Ibis co-habitats nicely with
humans.....those seen here might 
be city dwellers.........
for they paid little attention to me
and the clicks that my camera made.

I'm glad you stopped by.....
Have a sweet ole' day! Dee Dee
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