Monday, March 25, 2013


I bought this beautiful journal
a couple of years has
a place of honor on my bookshelf,
all year long.  On occasion I take
it out to browse over the genius
of Beatrix Potter.
Early spring, right around Easter....
the journal finds a place, 
in full view for everyone that
might stop by our cottage.

A life long Beatrix Potter fan.....
I find myself peeking into the 
Lake District world, where Ms Potter
found all the characters for her books
with the same delight but with
a grandmother's perspective.

 .....yes, the characters still come
to life, in my imagination.

Do yourself a favor and look
for Beatrix Potter A Journal, 
and spend a bit of time going through it
alone. of all, find a child
to share each page with.

Have a blessed Easter week, everyone!  Dee Dee