Friday, July 13, 2012

Art Deco

I suppose I have a fondness for
"art deco" going way back to my youth.
Growing up, our home decor
was unique in just about every way
My mother looked at the magazines
and tried to imitate what she liked best.
I think maybe she was  a frustrated  decorator......
and so it was  that our family sat on
 one of the first white
sectional sofas,  in our
otherwise traditional neighborhood.
I would now describe the style as
Scandinavian, or contemporary.
Today, bits of that style and nostalgic
reminders, are
scattered  throughout my cottage.
A small art deco style clock sits on a
desk in a guest room.......

and a  white/glass  art deco
style lamp illuminates the same room.

It's interesting  how one's
first decorative impressions,
follow them all through life.

Enjoying the memories.....Dee Dee