Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I stopped in Michael's
Art and Craft store a few
days ago, looking for
information on
"cold porcelain clay."
I've been inspired while
looking at lovely  clay jewelry
on Etsy.
Michael's had  what I was looking for
and I hope to use the clay, for making
 unique and one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts.
The craft store was abuzz with folks,
many hanging out
in the bead and jewelry section.
The Susan Lenart Kazmer "Chic"
jewelry making packets and charms
seemed to be getting lots of
attention.  I bought those
seen here, came home and
spent much of the afternoon
looking at tutorials on
"Chic" jewelry making by Susan on the
Internet. I love her vintage, industrial and rustic
styles and hope to come up with
some ideas of my own.

Have a beautiful day!  Dee Dee