Thursday, July 26, 2012

High Humidity And Lots Of Rain

Our summer here on
the Gulf Coast of Florida
has been hot, humid and rainy.
Each day we awaken to sunshine,
around mid-day the temps are in
the 90s and by afternoon we are
blessed with rain.
Therefore, our tropical
plants are
growing at an alarming rate,
crowding into the small space
that is our garden.
I for one am pleased,
but the Mister can see
trimming work somewhere
in the immediate future.
A White Bird of Paradise
having  grown to extreme heights
 must come down, to make room
for smaller and younger plants.
It looks fabulous, but a good
storm just might topple it into
the pool.  I'm reminded
the lushness of the garden has
been made possible by nature,
doing it's thing......all summer long.

Have a beautiful day everyone!  Dee Dee