Sunday, July 8, 2012

Not Fall Leaves.....It's Erosion

**We do not remember days,
We remember moments.
~Cesare Pavese
Honeymoon Island took a beating
 from Debby's fury.

The north beach has shown evidence
of natural erosion for quite a while.
A few years back a developer invested
lot's of money in landscaping and
restoring the beaches.....He planted
new palm trees, and Sea Grapes.....
As the years passed, storms
destroyed all his good efforts,
and we watched sadly, as the
landscaping efforts deteriorated.
In these photos you can see
the salt water has reached the
vegetation, causing  them to die.
The Sea Grape leaves scattered
on the ground, give the illusion
of  "fall leaves."
 In this photo, you can see the afternoon
 sun shining on
a single grape tree leaf....
seemingly on fire.

A single palm frond,
holding to life.

There is good news, for
this portion of the island, however. We
spoke to a park ranger and learned
that efforts are going on now to restore
the beaches and protect against further erosion.

We've come  to the  island
for many years and it's sad to watch
the north beaches succomb
to  destruction and erosion. 
 But then, we  recognize
this is just part of God's world and
natural forces busy making changes . 
Before the storm, we gathered shells along
the water's the shells
are no longer in this area having been covered
 with large rocks to deter erosion.
I'm optimistic about the restoration
of this once beautiful place.
It is well loved by many and one day 
I will walk along the water's edge and again
find lovely sand dollars and unusual shells.

Have a wonderful Lord's day.....Dee Dee
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