Monday, July 30, 2012

Suggested Great Summer Read

I'm a true fan of
Masterpiece Theater's
Downton Abbey....
and so looking forward to
season three beginning
January 3, 2013
(mark on your calendars )

In the meantime, I'm whiling
away the hot summer days
reading books that
"point below
stairs in this sort of nostalgically
romanticized world."
I believe the ladies at the library
think I am considering "service"
as a "later in life career."

In l928, Rosina Harrison
arrived at the Astor household
to take up her new position as
personal maid to Lady Nancy Astor.

American-born, Lady Astor sat in
Parliament, entertained royalty, and
traveled the world.
An iron-willed woman, she met
her match in the no-nonsense,
wryly humorous, and whip-smart
girl from England's countryside.
Deliciously readable,
Rose will win your heart as
she tells her "life in service
to Lady Astor" story.

Have a beautiful week!  Dee Dee