Monday, July 16, 2012

Dusting Off My Watercolors and Pencils

I've been so busy lately
with sewing, and  making baby things,
that my watercolors and pencils
have gathered a good bit of dust on them.
This afternoon, with
a steady soft rain outdoors, and
a lovely quiet home inside,
I've felt a nice tug on my
creative juices.
Sitting down to draw, I'm
more often than not, inspired
to illustrate the young children
in my life.
This very happy four year old,
opening his present
rather quickly, has expressions
in his eyes and in his smile,
that say it all.
I've  chosen to surround him with the
color he likes
And yes....his summer shoes are
of the same color.

Have a beautiful day, everyone!  Dee Dee