Monday, July 23, 2012

Enjoying Good Reading

Often I post of lovely discoveries
and today you will find me quite
happy with a table covered over
with old issues of Victoria magazines.
I'm completely delighted,
having found them in our library
re-sale store, in flawless
like-new condition, clearly
marked with a tiny sticker price
of  25cents.
A kindred spirit, had saved her
beloved Victoria's for some time, for
they date back to 1989.
How sad she must have been to
part with her treasures,
but surely found peace in
 contributing to a good cause...... our town  library.

While spending hours at a time,
comfortably seated for good reading,
I'm finding wonderful  stories and
features that are timeless.
"Symphony in White"
James McNeill Whisler's
painting titled
"The White Girl"
I pondered on this page,
thinking her quite lovely.


The covers of Victoria are
always lovely to see, and
reveal much of the magazine's contents .....
"Crisp White Linens....Romantic Picnics"
1996 Victoria's article .....
Emma Thompson's
Labor of Love:
"Sense and Sensibility
and others.....
Spreading Your Wings....Beautiful Discoveries
A Smiling Summer
"There is a smiling summer here,
which causes birds to sing, and
sets the bees in motion, " writes
Emily Dickinson in 1858......

I'm enjoying promised good reading,
 as you can see,
 all the while,
 beating the summer heat.....

Have a beautiful week, everyone!  Dee Dee