Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Greenbriar Lake

The sign posted
was warning me.

"Private Property
No Trespassing"

"They won't mind,"
I said  to myself as I stepped
over the white privacy chain.
Why, I've been stopping
by this beautiful lake
for a number of years......
summer, fall, winter
and spring.
For an eager, amateur photographer,
nature offers  some real nice 
scenery here at the Greenbriar lake.
Oh, I'm cautious and  aware of the
danger. One has to be careful
 looking for wild
flowers  along
the lake's edge....
Never know what might be lurking
in those waters.
But I felt a powerful need,
for photos of those pretty
little blue flowers.
So, I accomplished my
mission without one
interruption from those
rascally alligators that
make their homes in all
of Florida's lakes.

I hope you like the photos, and
have a sweet ole' day!  Dee Dee