Monday, August 27, 2012

Rainy Day Sewing

I found green washable linen
in my nicer fabric stash
and made another decorative
tea towel.  This one will go
in my kitchen, for display only,
for now.
I know, it's  like no other
pear you've seen before. You
are seeing my humble efforts
in  making a pear applique.
Using scraps of fabric on hand,
I'm really pleased at how it
turned out.
Again, I doubled the fabric,
using green linen on one side,
and a beige/tan on the other side.
I had enough scrap fabric to add
a nice black and white trim.
A tropical storm Isaac in the
area,  the rains came  down
off and on all day.
I,  rather contentedly
sat at my beloved,
old but faithful, sewing
Have a beautiful day!  Dee Dee