Sunday, August 5, 2012

More Than He Bargained For

There were ripples in the pool,
we could see from the kitchen window.
Early this morning
the Mister rescued this little
bunny from drowning.

It appeared the little fellow
 had been swimming
for quite some time, and was so
glad to hop aboard the skimmer.
The trembling was obvious,
but ceased after a few moments.

I'm reminded of the tale of
another little bunny.

"Now run along, and don't get
into any mischief. I am going out."
But Peter, who was naughty,
ran straight away into Mr. McGregor's
garden, and squeezed under the gate.
And, so begins the perennial tale of
a mischievous little bunny
named Peter.

The story is short, but the lessons are long.
Sometimes we experience more
than we bargained for.

Have a blessed Lord's day, everyone!  Dee Dee