Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tea Towel

One of my favorite places
to shop is Anthropologie.
I especially like things for
the kitchen and tableware.
Many of their items, much
desired by me,  are a
bit too pricey. Sometimes
I begin analyzing and
deciding if I can make it  myself.
 Such was my
reasoning on one recent occasion.
I love their tea towels with
appliques. They are fabulous!
 As you can see,
 I've made a fancy
"decorative" tea towel
 of my own,
beginning with one lone
bird applique.
Happily, it wasn't hard
to do....I can make more!
 Now, the sky's the limit
I'm thinking.
I've used a pretty yellow fabric....scraps
from pillows I made last summer.....this
little bird will brighten any  kitchen....
Never throw the scraps away,
I always say.....and I have plenty more.
  I've used a lovely washable linen
and doubled the fabric, hiding
 the bits of embroidery threads.
Looks like I'll be purchasing
more of that linen.  My mind is
brain-storming more
tea-towel design ideas.....
Have a sweet ole' day!  Dee Dee