Thursday, August 23, 2012

Storm On The Way

Perhaps many of you are aware
that a very large storm,
named Isaac,  is headed
toward Tampa Florida.
Tampa  is very close to my home.
Having lived here for a number
of years, we've  become accustomed
to August's  hurricane season.
It is unpredictable, to say the least.
High winds and lots of rain will
be upon us soon.....and so we begin
preparing  for the worst, hoping for
the best.
Sadly, the garden will suffer
for we can only do so much.
Our large potted plants  will be
tucked beneath  tropical plants
shielding  them from the winds.
Lawn chairs, bistro table,
 and umbrellas
 will be brought onto the porch.
If the warnings are for a direct hit,
we will evacuate!
 The Crape Myrtles along
with other flowering shrubs,
will most likely receive storm damage.
Shown here, a potted Mandevilla,
beautifully blooming and at it's peak.
The blooms are in three different
shades of pink. My pride and joy, hopefully it survives
Isaac's wrath.
Thankfully in His care......Dee Dee
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