Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Through The Garden Gate

You might see plainly
in the photos, the
sky is over-cast,
with lovely
predicted rain today.
 Even so, I've taken
photos of the pathway
along the side of our
These beautiful
shrubs are thriving with
all the rain we've had this summer,
the area seemingly
 awash in yellow.

We've enjoyed this
pretty plant for a number
of years in this location.
Down towards the garden gate,
seen here in the distance...

I could see glimpses of our
late blooming Crape Myrtle
peeking up over the fence.  Last
to bloom, it is one of our favorite colors.

The gate slightly ajar,
makes for a nice
photo composition........

You can see the skies are quite
clearly  absent of sunshine today..........

Gorgeous Myrtle blooms......

still blooming in late summer are
another of God's delightful blessings.

Have a sweet ole' day, everyone!  Dee Dee