Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Spy Something Pink

I played that little game as a child
taught it to my children, and they
in turn taught it to their children.....

I spy Crape Myrtle blooms
peeking over the White
Bird of Paradise fronds......
Although late in in the season, it is
still quite lovely to see.

I spy the Crape Myrtle blooms
although I am distracted by the
pink Hibiscus winding it's way
all through my tropical plants....

Midday is not the best time to
take photos.  Today, however,
the skies were overcast and the
sun was covered over with clouds was then I snapped
the photos.  It is deceiving the size
of the plants.  The "Hibiscus
Fountain Tree" nestled amongst
large tropicals, is reaching over
ten feet high.

When first planted, it grew and
appeared as a floral fountain.
Years of Florida's sunshine and
rains and our allowing it to grow
at random......
it is, what it is now, reaching for
the heavens and in full bloom.

Have a blessed day!  Dee Dee
click twice on photos to enlarge