Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Calm Before The Storm

We rode out to the island
late this evening, hoping to
see one of Florida's beautiful sunsets.
The park ranger motioned us
through the gate, informing
us we'd just missed the show,
 the sun having set moments earlier.
We drove toward the
Gulf waters, all the while
looking upward at
beautiful and peaceful skies.
We had missed the
 "sun ball"
dropping into the waters,
but the atmospheric conditions
had made for a lovely sunset.

"Look behind us!"
 the Mister exclaimed.
He had seen the brilliant colors
reflecting in the car's  rear view mirror.
We had missed the
sun setting,
but  were now privileged
in seeing a developing
thunderous storm!
My first reaction 
to the spectacle,
 was one of complete
With my camera clicking off
one photo after another,
we watched
  brilliant lightening flashes
the massive formation of clouds.
  Beneath the
cloud mass, we could see bright
lightening  bolts
darting  toward the ground.
What we were
witnessing was stunning.
On our drive back home,
the Mister and I concluded
 it had been our good fortune
to have witnessed,
almost simultaneously,
 the calm before the storm.

Have a sweet ole' day!  Dee Dee
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